Feminine Principle in World Traditions

This morning I just came to this beautiful recording by Tara Brach, which weaves through her personal experiences and stories of Dalai Lama and other monks, Jungian Archetypes, African and Native American wisdom tales, her miscarriage experience and much more....

You can listen to this and many other wonderful free audio from the Spirit Rock Foundation, Dharmaseed.org
here Feminine Principle in Buddhism by Tara Brach, Enjoy!

During the Great Jubilee, Pope John Paul II issued an apology for all the past sins of the Roman Catholic Church, dividing the sins into seven categories. Among general sins, sins in service of the truth, sins against Christian unity, sins against Jews, sins against respect of love, peace and culture, and sins against human rights, he also apologized for sins against the dignity of women and minorities. Misogyny can be traced back to the origins of Modern civilization, such as in Greece and Judea, in which stories and legends on the Fall of Man into a world of tragedy and death had been brought about by a woman.[See wikipedia, Misogyny in Religion]

Theri Sanghamitta, daughter of the Buddhist Emperor Ashoka (272-232 B.C.), was the first female Dhamma Ambassador
in recorded history sent from one Head of State at the express invitation of another Head of State.