Voices of Sacred Feminine

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About the Show
The Sacred Feminine, whether an archetype, ideology or deity, has been absent from the center stage of the world for centuries. In her absence, humanity has grown up like a child without it's mother. Humans are in chaos and disharmony worldwide in part because the feminine face of god has been stripped from too many of our cultures, religions and psyches.
We are like children with an emptiness in our hearts and we compensate in ways that have had tragic consequences for humankind. In this show, author, scholar and Goddess Advocate, Karen Tate, will encourage listeners to rethink, reclaim, and reawaken the Divine Feminine, She of Ten Thousand Names, personally, politically and spiritually as they hear voices redefining this resurging movement to restore the Great Mother to her throne.
Who among us isn�t tired of turning on the television or radio and hearing how fear, greed and abuse of power is sending our world spiraling out of control? Who is not ashamed to read the paper and see what passes for the norm these days? Are there others out there tired of our leaders failing us and being part of the problem as they are immersed in scandals, lies, and corruption? Where are the guideposts and benchmarks that help us steer a healthy course? Everything old is new again. Let us remember her story and vision. Her Thousand Names can be a catalyst to make positive change. Whether you embrace Goddess as deity or ideal, as archetype or metaphor, the Sacred Feminine, restored to her rightful throne, is one answer, one method, one vehicle that might change the face of the world. And we must herald her coming.....