New finds worth exploring~

Some time ago I received an invitation email from the International Museum of Women.
My first thought was it was about eminent women from the past as most museums are. I was delightfully surprised to see what a powerful and inspiring site it is profiling living and socially engaged women from all continents and backgrounds especially from areas where women's rights have a long history of suppression. It has a very proactive community action section. Listen to Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva about the power of micro-finance and peer support to change lives. Last year I joined Kiva and am delighted to see how my contribution just keeps giving on and on.

My soul friend Jamie Walter is constantly tuning into her deep feminine wisdom and recreating herself in new visionary ways. Please check out her Deep Feminine and New Edge Pioneers Portals and her cool teleclasses. Waving at you Jamie!