Nobel Peace Laureates Award Annie Lenox 2009 Peace Prize

Meeting in Berlin, a group of Nobel Peace Prize laureates have awarded Scottish singer Annie Lennox their own peace award for her work with women and children suffering from AIDS in Africa. The World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates was meeting for the tenth time and the theme of their talks was "breaking down walls and building bridges."

The World March was recognized in Berlin on Wednesday, November 11, 2009 by the 10th World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. The occasion was marked by a speech by Silo, founder of Universalist Humanism and an acknowledged inspiration for the March. “For the first time in history an event of this magnitude has been put in motion by the participants themselves,” he said. “The true strength of this impulse is born in the simple act of one who, out of conscience, joins a dignified cause and shares it with others." (Read full text of talk)