Female Male Brain Wiring

This is a continuation of an earlier thread on Female Brain in this blog.
Recently I came across this humorous video "A Tale of Two Brains" that may help us understand and develop compassion for the other gender and improve communication.

"All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why" - James Gruber

Men has 6.5 times more gray matter than women and women has 10 times more white matter than men and this may explain why men and women feel, think, emotionally connect and remember people, places, events, objects, situations, concepts differently. It is not easy to tell whether the male-female brain differences are more inherent at birth or develop due to environment [See article at How Stuff Works ]

Women also have the benefit or disadvantage of having a larger Corpus Callosum and deep Limbic System. [Source and Link ].

It would be interesting to see intra-gender variations in same culture and between gender differnces across culture and also the impact of early education and home environment on brain development. Also this may shed light on how our education system, particularly elementary, higher and adult education can improve whole brain communication through interdisciplinary and cross culture study, holistic mind-body and healing arts, visual art, music, free motion, and self-directed learning.

On a different note here's an exploration of gender differences in perception and use of Complementary & Alternative Medicine from UCSD, School of Medicine.

There will be always men and women who step out of the boundaries set by their culture, society, tradition, religion and gender. Here is Charles Gilchrist talking about an ancient subject that appeals to both left and right brain oriented people. The subject is Sacred Geometry, which transforms our habitual ways of seeing and sensing the natural world and appreciate the beauty of ordinary things.