US Silent on Convention Eliminating All Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

"Ratifying CEDAW remains among the unfinished business of the Civil Rights movement." - Dorothy I. Height, April 13, 2010

Almost all countries have ratified the CEDAW agreement – 186 out of 193 countries have ratified. Only seven have not ratified, including the United States, Sudan, Somalia, Iran, and three small Pacific Island nations (Nauru, Palau, and Tonga).
Ratification of CEDAW in US has no financial cost. It just requires 67 Senators to stand together for women and girls.

<> Domestic violence: the landmark Violence Against Women Act, has done much to prevent domestic violence, yet two million women a year report injuries from current or former partners in the United States.
<> Maternal health: the United States ranks 41st among a ranking of 184 countries on maternal deaths during pregnancy and childbirth, below all other industrialized nations and a number of developing countries.
<> Economic security: U.S. women continue to lag behind men in income, earning on average only 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes.
<> Paid Parental Leave: Only four countries have no national law mandating paid time off for new parents : Liberia, Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, and the United States [wikipedia]
<> State of US Children: One Third of America’s poor are children—16.4 million. - Children's Defense Fund
<> Human trafficking: the Trafficking Victims Protection Act has played a pivotal role in combating human trafficking. However, estimates suggest that there may be 20,000 women, men and children trafficked into the U.S. each year. - RatifyCEDAW.org

Hillary Clinton is gathering support for CEDAW since its signing by President Carter 30 years ago. Isn't that strange? -Huffington Post, 9/20/2011

In a recent Newsweek Survey of 165 countries on the best places for Women to live with equality, Iceland, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Finland and Norway made it to the top of the list.- Daily Beast World News, 9/20/2011

Women's equality is yet to be fully realized, says US Representative Carolyn Maloney
Find more on Status of women in the States and Middle East at the Institute for Women's Policy Research.

According to UN Women (formerly Unifem), 70% of the World's poor are women and girls. Poverty is a women's issue and there is no 'gender-neutral' budget or policy. Women perform 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of the food, but earn 10% of the income and own 1% of the property.[source]