Woman's Worth and Global Sustainability

"If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire." - George Monibrot

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Women's empowerment is central to global sustainability says New UN Report. The UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability released its report “Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing,” on 30 January 2011 in Addis Ababa. The 22-member panel established by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2010 brought renowned global leaders together to “formulate a new blueprint for a sustainable future on a planet under increasing stress resulting from human activities. “Persistent gender inequality in particular has to be addressed as part of any serious shift towards sustainable development.” 

Only 17% of the U.S. Congress and 24% of state legislators in US are women. The 2012 Project is a nonpartisan campaign to inspire women to run for office. Get to know Dr. Jill Stein, Green party Independent Candidate for US 2012 Election.

Today, while women make up over half the world’s population and produce over half its food, they own less than 2% of its land. While development experts recommend agriculture as one of the fastest advancements out of poverty for Africa, women in many countries like Cameroon, Burkina Faso, and Zimbabwe rarely control the profits from their crops, though they make up 80% of the farmers. Women are the farmers of the world. Now their right to own land is being recognized as the key for ending global hunger. See story of Sushmita at High Stakes at Land. Also visit the Young African Women's Initiative.

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