Celebrating International Women's Day 3-8-2013!

  I woke up at wee hours of 4AM tonight following a self-suggestion to wake up at that time to do some reading from my unfinished reading pile. It included 'The System Stinks' study material from the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

Instead I felt drawn towards my desktop (the use of which I am trying to cut down) and find several invitation waiting in my uncheked mail box at Wiser Earth.

I felt a sense of joy and freedom for being a Woman and the responsibilty that comes with that is really not a burden, but a blessing of Life itself! I rejoice that the the Gender Agenda is gaining Momentum!

 Photo Courtesy: Wibowo of Wiserearth
'IN CONVERSATION WITH THE DALAI LAMA" Sylvia Wetzel introduces the subject of "Striving for Equality Between Women & Men in Buddhism"

Wish a Happy International Women's Day to all Women of past, present and future, reaffirming my gratitude and connection to my own brave Mother (who passed away on September 2, 2012) and Grand Mother and having the privilege of continuing the journey with all my activist, feminist, peacenik friends everywhere for not giving up on humanity and taking care of our own mind-body and the body-mind of our planet!

"I had a dream that life is joy. I woke up to see life is duty. I witnessed service is joy!". - Tagore

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Susan said...


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Susan Tornicelli