Buddha is Still Teaching One Dharma ...

Aspiring Bodhisattvas walk through many paths (Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana) and wear many Hats (yellow, red, black and such). It struck me when Dalai Lama wearing a red baseball cap remarked   "Buddha wears no hat" in a large public gathering at Ann Arbor, Michigan.

There are many cultural expressions within Buddhism, yet Dharma is One Truth without relativity.
Dhamma is not male dhamma, female dhamma or garudhamma.  On Breaking Through Gender Ignorance, Garudhammas to Mind of Enlightenment....

 Prof. Dr. Karma Lekshe Tsomo from epb mz uni hamburg on Vimeo.

Venerable Lekshe Tsomo explores the origins and extraordinary implications of the contemporary Buddhist women’s movement from her perspective as co-creator of Sakyadhita, the most influential global network of Buddhist women, and as convener of bi-annual international conferences on Buddhist women where scholars, practitioners, artists, and activists exchange ideas and inspiration. Buddhist feminism and activism is good for deep social transformation, because it is non-violent and reconciles unwholesome barriers within (the various yanas) Buddhism and outside. Mind's fixation with 'form' (first of five skandhas) and Sakkaya dhitti (ego and personlity view) is a barrier to awakening to ultimate freedom and happiness (Nibbana).

According to Joseph Goldstein, "The defining characteristic of this emerging Western Buddhism is a basic pragmatism, rather than an adherence to some philosophical system or sectarian viewpoint. One Dharma of the West is an allegiance to a very simple question: What works? What works to free the mind from suffering? What works to accomplish the heart of compassion? What works to awaken us from the dream states of our ignorance? Do we sometimes water down, or even leave behind, the essence of the teachings simply because they take us beyond our Western physical or psychological comfort zone?" More on One Dharma.

Even in the Church, it is important to ask oneself: what presence does the woman have?
Women are called to service and not servitude..it pleases me to think that the Church is not ‘il Chiesa’ [‘the Church’, masculine]: it is ‘la Chiesa’ [feminine]. The Church is a woman! The Church is a mother! And that’s beautiful, eh? We have to think deeply about this.”
-- Mulieris Dignitatem Text, Vatican Radio

In the Secular world, citing “unfinished business,” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged to lead an effort to evaluate the progress made in empowering women and girls worldwide, at a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) panel in New York on September 25, 2013.

Buddha described the path to enlightenment is difficult as it requires one to swim against the current of the stream (of mass consciousness). Going against the stream (patisotagami) means going upstream to the source, much like schools of salmons swim upstream to the source water to die. It also means going against the social, cultural, brain conditionings and personality habits that are unwholesome, biased and corrupt.