Unmasking Gender Misrepresentation in Media and Culture

How would society change and cultures transform if boys and girls could grow up without the social mask of gender stereotypes?

Watch the film Miss Representation at vimeo. Social mask hinders development of human empathy, empathic connection, listening and communication.

If we like to work for a 'Future without Violence', we need to embrace a different kind of Social Awareness in our secular and spiritual education.

The great tragedy of wearing a socially approved gender roles and other mask too tightly too long is that we risk losing genuine connection with our own humanity and all living beings in our natural world. It perpetuates an artificial myth of separation, fuels animosity, insecurity and ill will, disconnecting us from our own sense of 'basic goodness' and deep realization of interdependence of all energies (including emotions) and forms in our everyday experiential world. - Susmita Braua

Our society needs to be aware of the suffering caused by unexamined gender stereotypes and expectations on our children. Just as we need to encourage respectful assertiveness in girls, so also we need to be welcoming of sensitive/empathic boys. Boys suffer quietly when they are rejected for their sensitivity and empathy. [ see hubpages aricle]

Is there a fear of showing our true face, our human vulnerability among men and women in modern culture? "The longer we mask our fear the more we experience the terror of our inauthenticity—perhaps creating chronic anxiety and despair. An ongoing red alert sounds off in response to threats that the terror we mask might be exposed. We might even say that the terror, as in the outer world, can become systemic within us. We become our own terrorist." -  Zenju Earthlyn Manuel.