Gender and Domestic Violence are Men's Issues

Why do so many men have the compulsive need to abuse, molest and beat women, children and brutalize and kill other men and boys to hold up their distorted sense of power and manhood. Men (and women) need to stop pretending (and enabling) that watching pornography, violence and indulging in pedophilia in private is harmless to self and society.
Blaming the victim and killing the messenger is not the solution! [See world statistics at UN Women]

Young women are more likely to be violated in domestic situation and many of them even with ivy league degree do not leave the abusive situation. Listen to this story by Leslie Morgan Steiner.

End of violence against women begins with MEN and BOYS! It is important for a Woman to find her voice to be liberated from a Culture of Shame.

It is important to recognize and understand how guilt and shame has been used as a means of social and religious control. The more masculine culture of the West is guilt-based and the more feminine culture of the East are shame-based. Of course both can co-exist in the unconscious of the same individual or group. It is no wonder that much of this guilt and shame is played out in the private shadow arena of sexuality and intimate relationship and fear and distortions around them.

Buddha showed a way out of this deep ancient unconscious habits by being mindful of one's own unconscious mental conditioning through ignorance and craving (sankhara dukkha), genetic/family patterns, social perception and cultural attitude towards the opposite sex and one's own gender, by cultivating a meditative mind that sees things as they arise without condemnation or attachment, practice of goodwill and non-harm, kind and true speech, train one's mind-body-speech in wholesome ways, restraint of senses from indulgence and overstimulation and abandoning wrong-view of self.