How Teen Girls Challenging Terrorism & Other Problems

Listen to the experience of a brave Pasthun Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai from her own mouth in her own candid words. She is the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, a remarkable brave young soul with enormous impact around the world.

Janna J: Meet Palestine's 10-year-old Girl Journalist

She is fearlessly documenting inustices through her camera. She thinks camera is more powerful than gun.

Do you know about the 10 Kids, who changed the world

While millions of Teens are swept by the consumerism of MTV style brand marketing, electronic gadgets, diet and beauty products (tested on animals and with harmful chemicals), there are a few people under 20 who already made a change in the world by using wise attention (yonisomanasikara)

Have you watched the HeforShe Campaign Video? This may change the dynamics of the feminist movement, if not politicized.

Also see the Ugly Truth about Beauty Industry. While European Union has banned 1300 ingredients in cosmetics, USA has banned only 11. 

Commentary: The unwise attention and wrong views arise from four perversions in auto-pilot behavior and conditioned mind; believing what is impermanent (all material things including one's body-mind-beliefs-possessions) as being permanent, seeing what is painful (addiction and bondage to sensual pleasure & material happiness) as pleasurable, seeing what is not self as self (mistaking ego and its identification for true self), what is foul (in substance) as beautiful (violence, porno, gluttony, greed).