How Sensible Women, Men, & Minorities Vote?

Good Citizens are mindful. They neither vote blindly along party lines, nor along gender, race, religion and such group identification.  They take time to evaluate a candidate's personal integrity, inclusiveness, experience in public and community service, growth mindset, responsible public speech and conduct. A true leader of the people understands personal freedom and privilege comes with a public responsibility and uses his/her power to unify people and nations according to timeless principles of virtue, wisdom and compassion. S/he cultivates goodwill and restrains from frivolous, false, malicious, fear-based divisive thinking, speech (abuse of first amendment right) and action.

For progressives and 'we the people' this election is an opportunity to vote for the First Female Presidential candidate in 240 years of United States history! Hillary Clinton adopted two-thirds of Bernie Sander's positions. Yet foreign donations to Clinton Global Foundation may be both a positive and corrupting influence.

Some Sensible Republican Women and Men are supporting Hillary. Trump and many high level GOP candidates received money from Kelcy Warren, Texas Billionaire and investor of controversial Dakota Access Pipeline endangering human rights, sacred sites and water supply of Standing Rock Native Sioux people.

Less known facts about Hillary, by Blue Wave New Jersey, a growing grassroots movement.

Only 31% support of female voters support Trump compared to 57% for Hillary Clinton. Latinos Support Hillary [Official Site for Hillary] 

Michelle Obama is no Enabler of Trump-like behavior in leaders and she showed the most uplifting support for Hillary and Millennial Girls. 

"Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world."
 - Hillary Clinton

How a section of middle class people suffering from economic decline, fear, hate, hopelessness, cynicism and frustration are counting on Trump to dislodge and blow up the system. Michael Moore is trying to educate with his documentary "TRUMPLAND".

What if all Third Party Candidates unite to vote one Candidate as Pro-Peace Anti-War Green alternative to two parties supported by super PAC money.

Time to learn and cultivate GOOD CITIZENship for an Enlightened Society. www.Goodcitizen.org

I Want A President 'Who Is Worthy Of My Girls' Promise' - Michelle Obama

If our newly elected President wants to make America Great again, s/he must model and inspire Good Citizenship for 21st century and must cultivate Compassion for all. Compassion like charity begins at home with oneself (Self-compassion), one's family, community, neighbors & fellow citizens.

Graceful and dignified concession speech of braveheart Hillary Clinton.