Love of Self and Same Sex Love

We grow up believing many restricted and culturally conditioned belief systems around expressions of love. Did you know some of the great historical figures have been gay? Famous Gay Personalities.

I read probably in Seth Books, that if we could live without social-cultural streotypes and conditioning around love and sex most of us would be bisexual. Over the years I came across a handful of gay people from both sexes, they are among the most warm, empathic, intelligent and friendly people I know of.

Here is what new scientific discoveries say on homosexuality. It is an evolutionary expression of human social bonding regulated by the hormone progesterone. Nature designed us to be kind to each other, irrespective of gender.

Diversity is Nature's way to preserve and sustain life in unbalanced or adverse conditions. Many countries including India, it is illegal to openly express homosexuality. On August 24, 2017, India's Supreme Court gave the country's LGBT community the freedom to safely express their sexual orientation,without overturning laws criminalizing same-sex relationship. [Wikipedia]

Here is a full documentary How We Got Gay

LGBT relationships are illegal in 74 countries and surprising number of countries still punish same-sex relationships with life in prisonment or even death! 

Dalai Lama has publicly condemned violence agaist LGBTQ people. There are no rules in Buddhist Monastic code (vinaya) against LGBTQ people becoming monks and nuns, who must take vows of celibacy. The third of the five training precepts all Buddhists (straight and gay) take, is abstaining from sexual (originally all sensual) misconduct of body-mind-speech that harms another.

Pope Francis had asked Christians to ask for apology from Gay People for marginalizing them. See LGBT in Islam and Same-sex marriage

Mature love transcends love of body, mind and egoic and sexual identity. Then the unbounded love of true-self begins. From self-hate to self-love and Radical Self-acceptance. More on Love from Nature of Psyche by Seth/Jane Roberts.